Customs Agent - Fully Licensed

Transnetwork is a fully licensed customs agent and offers the essential services that simplify and speed up the customs procedures.

Our services include:

  • An explanation on regulations and procedures
  • Defining of the tariff classification of the goods
  • Implementation of preferential tariff systems to meet the operator's requirements (temporary waiving of tax and duties, etc)
  • Consignor bond
  • Packing/unpacking of cargo under customs' supervision
  • RIT facilities throughout South Africa
  • EDI facility to speed the processing of imports/exports
  • RIT facilities throughout Central and South Africa
  • Project cargo, handling and Logistics
  • Route surveys
  • Bonded carrier
  • Consolidated cargo


Hints & Tips

  • To ensure a quick processing of shipments, please ensure documentation reflects precise information of the commodity imported and exported. For customs clearance a copy of the commercial invoice and bill of lading can be faxed.

  • To avoid unnecessary delays and additional costs, obtaining these documents will also allow direct communication with the shipping lines of the vessel arriving and would apply in ensuring that additional storage/demurrage costs are not incurred.

  • The original/negotiable bill of lading is to be made available prior to the vessel arrival in order to obtain physical delivery of the cargo.
  • Processing time at Customs may take up to 48 hours, it is therefore vitally important that documents are faxed immediately.