Giving back to the community!

Transnetwork Logistics is proud to be a socially responsible company. Based in Durban, South Africa - going out of our way to help the entire African continent simply because it puts a smile on our face when we are able to put a smile on others! !

"Because we can!" Transnetwork Logistics have been fortunate enough to enjoy good growth over the past few years and it has long since been a tradition in the company to share profits with those who could use a boost in their community. The company director Jermiah Naidoo is well known for his philanthropic journeys from South Africa right into the middle of Africa - visiting a variety of countries and more importantly communities that require financial input for the most basic social needs such as community centres and churches to name a few.

Social development in African countries and communities are vital for the growth of their economy and uplifting them from poverty. Rather than focusing primarily on the outtake of business in these regions, Transnetwork Logistics aims to put back in what the economy seems to require in order for the economy to grow and thrive in the near future. After all, it simply holds a better interest for all parties concerned and every little bit helps.

Transnetwork Logistics embraces the idea of setting an example to other commercial entities, hoping that more businesses will follow suite.